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The Mignaval Photo Blog
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Our house in early spring morning sunshine
2017 Photo Albums
July 2017
July 2017 at Mignaval
Swallowtail Butterfly
Les Copains-Cyfac cycle event - more than 2600 cyclists took part, including our neighbour Maxime
  Les Copains-Cyfac at St Martin des Olmes
  Read about Les Copains
Fraser and Barbara’s visit
  Local photos including 14 July fireworks
  A walk from col des Pradeaux
  Le Puy de Dôme
  Col des Supeyres and Jasserie du Coq Noir
Le Tour de France at col de Payra Taillade
  The race
  Read more in the Guardian

August 2017
August 2017 at Mignaval
Butterflies on the buddleia
Denise - 40 years at Mignaval
More Swallowtail butterfly photos plus a Swallowtail caterpillar we found on our carrot plants!!
Fourmofolies - when Ambert is closed to traffic and given over to the annual celebration of local cheese, horses and cattle
  Horses and cattle
Neil’s visit
  Ambert market, Coq Noir and col des Pradeaux
  Vallée de Chaudefour
  Neil and Maxime VTT noir!!
  Lac d’Aubusson

September 2017
September 2017 at Mignaval
Liz and Rachel’s holiday on Ibiza
Praying Mantis in our garden
Lunch at Besse and an autumn walk at lac Pavin